EP Interpretations 

FDC asked Ryan to create three paintings as part of our Kickstarter to record 3 EPs. Each painting is an interpretation of the individual albums - 2015/2016  

"Arrival"    Oil on Canvas    24"x36"   Theme: Advent

Record: Dirt Empire - Advent

When I think of Advent I immediately picture the Nativity scene . . .  a humble beginning to Christ's coming to be with us.  He came for so many reasons.  To teach, to heal, to love, to sacrifice, to bring light into darkness and to break the bonds of sin.  His path of light (symbolically) leads directly from Bethlehem to the gates of Hell.  He arrived to defeat death and now we wait for his second Arrival.


Hear the record here!

"Shelter"    Oil on Canvas    24"x36"    Theme: Trials

Record : The Long Plains - All Things New 

I have been working with the theme of Storms for the past year now and it seemed very fitting for this piece.  A dark + engulfing storm invades a tall landscape . . .  a house sits alone, bracing itself for the encroaching storm.  We spend so much time and energy preparing ourselves to be protected.  Protected physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually.  We rely on our own abilities and our own understanding . . .  bracing for the storm.  What does it look like to sit quietly, looking the storm right in it's eye . . . having faith that our Lord will protect and guide us?  The house is calm and quiet, the storm will do its best but the home will remain.

"Jack"    Oil on Canvas     24"x36"     Theme: Adoption

Record: Edbrooke Collective - Into His Own  

The first image that popped into my mind with the concept of adoption was that of a child.  A boy stands in a barren landscape, entranced by the puzzle in his has . . .  unaware of the clear + straight path just to the left of him.  The puzzle (a rubik's cube) has taken hold of his thoughts as the colors from the cube become a part of him . . .  pieces falling and scattered below him.  The Lord wants nothing more than to take us up in in his arms but we are unaware due to the problems we fixate on.  He wants us to lay down our fears + anxieties and to look up to him . . .  to see His love and path for us.