Artwork was commissioned as part of our Holy Week series from 2015.

The process used to create these is quite simple: generate a 26-color palette related to the subject matter of the text, assign colors to each letter of the alphabet, and then let the text serve as a randomizer to create the color field you see. The goal was to create a visual representation of written text that is abstract in appearance, but still representational in actuality. With the color/letter pairings and a sensitive eye, you could easily translate these images back into the words they originated from; however, the point is to create something that functions primarily as a work of visual art. They are intended to exhibit the complex, organic beauty that we often find in nature, while still retaining echoes of the more sophisticated and intellectual concepts of language and communication. The pieces you see here are applications of this method to three passages from the book of Matthew (ESV) recounting Jesus' triumphal entry to Jerusalem, his crucifixion, and his resurrection.

The Triumphal Entry -- Matthew 21:1-16

The Crucifixion -- Matthew 27:32-50

The Resurrection -- Matthew 28:1-10